A new game in the Legends of Luma.


It is now official: Luma's range welcomes a neww game. Its not final name: Kulkan.

We've met its author Eric Jumel at Istres festival in January. We played his prototype and after a puzzling first game, we want nothing but playing again. Rather good sign!

What is it about?

It is a card game lasting about 20-30 minutes implementing an amazing concept: the forced collaboration. The game rules are easy to get but the game is devious and smarter than it looks. Well, the kind of gaming experience we like.


Kulkan is about offering goods to the Maya god. The theme will be of course modified to stick to our heroes' adventure.

Kulkan will be released in the 4th position in the range during first semester 2018. We will give you all details about the game by then.