Oh Captain launch


12th of June 2017


You, fearless adventurer, are now invited to play Oh Captain! You have survived a dangerous sea travel, a memorable storm, a terrible maeltrom and a certain drowning. But you are now in the Nukha's den, this half turtle, half whale animal, who likes to collect shiny items from the shipwrecks. It is entirely up to you to get a valuable treasure.


To do so, you'll have to bluff the captain in order to convince him to let you keep and use the most interesting stuff or in order to palm these strange shells on of him... Unless you want to become a captain in the place of the captain! With great power comes great reponsabitlity. 



30th of June 2017


We are preparing a very nice surprise for you. It will make you fall in love with Oh Captain! So keep an eye on the social networks and get ready to react.

15th of July 2017


Ready for exploration? 


After your eventful arrival on Luma and the share of the loot in the Nukha's den, you will have the opportunity to explore Luma territory. We are designing an online game for you. Your curiosity and your intelligence will be helpful to discover this new world.

August 2017


To get over the end of the holiday time, just before back to school, we'll open the webshop. You'll find there plenty of promos, goodies and Ludonaute's gifts.