Oh Captain!
Oh Captain!
Oh Captain!
Oh Captain!
Oh Captain!
Who is brave enough to dive into the Nukha’s den and emerge with the best treasure? Who is sly enough to keep that treasure away from the Captain?

3 to 6 players   20 min.   8 years old and up

There was barely time to get your bearings before your Captain began barking orders. You vaguely remember being tossed off your ship in the middle of a storm and mysteriously rescued by a giant sea creature that brought you here, to its den on an exotic island.

Now, you and the rest of the crew are combing through the dark, looking for hidden treasure to bring back to the Captain.

In Oh Captain!, you are Lys, Ulrich, Moon, Red, Sianna or Nostromo. The team of heroes is divided between the Captain and the Explorers.


At your turn, if you are an Explorer, you draw a Loot card and offer it to the Captain (lying or not):

Oh Captain, my Captain, would you like to buy me this amazing grappling hook I have just found?

The Captain can either buy the item by giving you one gloden coin, or he can refuse it if he thinks you are trying to get round him...


Then the item is used, provided that it is really what you have told it was. The hook, for instance, allows you to take a Loot from the opponent.


Of course, the Captain role is not a lifetime appointment. It always goes to the richest hero.


At the end, the Nomads who roam this land buy the most valuable items to the adventurers: they particularly like the bright lanterns and buy the other items from theplayer who has the most of it. It is thus important to be the one with the most pistols, grappling hooks and lizards.


  • 1 Captain's bottle
  • 30 Gold coins
  • 6 Adventurer sheets
  • 1 card dispenser "Nukha"
  • 35 cards:
    • 3 Lanterns (worth 3)
    • 4 Lanterns (worth 2)
    • 7 Nukha eggs
    • 5 Grappling hooks
    • 5 Lizards
    • 5 Pistols
    • 5 Purses
    • 1 Nomads' arrival
  • 3 Majority tokens