Taken in by the Nomads after the shipwreck on Kokota, our heroes embark on a journey through the continent of Luma, guided by the Nomades. At nightfall, they gather around the campfire for storytelling. It is time to learn more about the Legends of Luma...

2 to 5 players   40 min.   for 8 years old and up

At nightfall, the Nomads set up and gather around the campfire for storytelling. It is time for songs, tales and stories. The great Shaman invited you to taste a strange potion that makes you feel like you are in two distinct places at the same time. Suddenly the stories told around the campfire seem disjointed and inconsistent.


By collecting story fragments, you try to chronicle the legends of the Nomads. But be careful: isolated story fragments are worthless; they can even make you lose points.

Nomads is a move and collect game. In Nomads, you play the adventurers Moon, Siana, Nostromo, Red or Ulrich and you'll try to write the greatest legends.


At the end of the game, each legend you have written gives you victory points depending on its length, and each Story tile you still have at the end makes you lose one point. It is up to you to write the longest Legends, without keeping to many Story tiles.



At their turn, the adventurers have two options:


  • Either move around the campfire in order to collect the Story tiles.

  • Or write a Legend or a Song using the previously collected Story tiles.


When 4 Moon tiles are visible, the players take stock of the situation. The players with the most points at this moment takes three Moon tiles, the second-ranked player takes the last Moon tile. Each Moon tile gives one additional point at the end of the game. Be careful with the timing in the game and check the opponents' advance during the critical Moon rises.


Contents of the game:


1 Game board, with its campfire.

28 Legend cards

4 Song cards

12 Moon tiles

98 Story tiles

2 Wild tiles

19 Wooden discs

5 Adventurer cards

1 Lys token