What are the Legends of Luma ?

The Legends of Luma is a board games collection bound by a anrrative framework. This collection will be made of six games, all with different gameplay. The six games will be stand-alone games but a gaming mode, called the Lumarathon, allows people who have several Luma games to play them in a row, like in a campaign.

When will the games be released? 

Two games will be released per year. The first game, "Oh Captain!", is already available. The next one "Nomads" is scheduled for September 2017. All the games' recommanded retailer price is 25€. In every box, there will be, in addition to the game, a story booklet, that tells about the heroes' adventure.

One of the Legends of Luma's game is not available near my place. Where can I buy it?

You can ask your usual game retailer to order it for you. Here is a list of our partners in distribution in various countries:


Otherwise, you will be able to buy it online on this website soon.

What is the passport made for?

The Luma passport is a kind of loyalty program. You can get it when buying a game in the shop here. You keep it in your wallet or your pocket and, when you visit one of the partner retailer (list here), you can get a stamp (like a passport when you visit a new country).

The stamps you collect will give you points to spend on this website in the online game or in exchange for promos.


I don't have a Luma passport! What can I do?

Please check on the map if there is a place next to your location where you can find a partner retailer. If so, ask him for your passport, and a stamp!

If not, come and meet us in Essen Spiel for example. You'll have a passport for you.

What are the "Lums" made for ?

The Lums are the awards you collect by playing the online game, by checking the Luma games you bought or making your passport stamped.

The Lums cannot be exchanged, or refund and can be used only for getting promos or virtual bonuses on the website www.legendsofluma.com.

I lost my passport!

No problem. Sign in on the website, using the registered email address. You can print the bar code and the number of your passport. With this number, you still can collect stamp on your account. But the physical version of your passport cannot be re-made. Take care of it.

My usual game retailer is not on the Partners map.

It is likely. We add the partners who want to jump in the operation bit by bit; You can ask your retailer to contact us via the opposite form. We'll add it on the map and send them a set of passports and a unique stamp!

My game code/ my passport number does not work!

Did you check that the 8 is not mistaken for the B and vice versa.

If yes, please feel free to contact us via the opposite form.



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