Legends of Luma
Oh Capitaine !



The Collection

The Legends of Luma is a brand-new collection of board games with a twist. We’re developing a new concept… serial games. 

We invite you to follow the same characters, game after game. Follow the characters travels whilst they make progress on their quest. Each games release acts like an episode, and furthers the narrative.  This hasn’t been done before in board games. 

This is what Ludonaute wants to offer with the Legends of Luma.

The first season consists of six episodes - six standalone games - all with varying gameplay. The epic story will have the heroes Ulrich, Siana, Red, Nostromo, Lys and Moon travel across unknown lands from the beaches of Kokota to the edges of the world. You'll discover their story, chapter after chapter, game by game. 

By the end of the first season players will have a diverse collection of games. Genres include bluffing, set-collection, a dice game, area-control, cooperative and a combination game, 

Individually these games stand apart from the crowd, but as a series they present a brand-new paradigm for board games. We know it’s not just the game – but the story – that keeps you coming back for more.


The Collection