The origin of the Legends of Luma

At the origin of the Legends of Luma, three friends: Anne-Cécile, Cédric and Ian, three fanatics of games and great stories. The Ludonautes, as they are often called, have been making games together for several years.

In 2016, as they are searching for games to publish, of the same type as Colt Express, their hit, they only find shorter and lighter games. However, their motivation, and Ludonaute's editorial line, has always been to tell stories through the games. These "small" games seemed not deep enough to tell an interesting story.

But they refuse to let these special games go. They have decided then to create their own world in which their future crushes may blossom. From their complicity and their touch of madness a unique and huge world has come to light. So many things to tell about! There is room for plenty of games, telling each time a different side of Luma.

But the range must be characterised by something stronger than a simple common background. The bound should be a quest, an adventure in which the players could get involved through the games. Passionate talks and nights of creative frenzy have lead to Moon, Siana, Lys, Ulrich Red and Nostromo. Extraordinary adventures await now the six heroes and their creators!